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thewayofshadows's Journal

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I claim the shadows that the Shadows may not
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Morgan's icon (& maybe graphics) comm
theladymorgan's art comm

- Credit thewayofshadows if you use anything from this comm*.
- Please do not use these icons elsewhere (outside of LJ) without my permission.
- Do not claim any of my icons as your own.
- Comment and let me know if you're snagging them, please! Comments are wonderful.
- No hotlinking. If you save an icon for use, upload them to your own server, please.
- Blank/textless icons are not bases. Do not edit them and/or claim them as your own.

*You may credit me by using something along the lines of "By [lj user=theladymorgan]" or "By [lj user=thewayofshadows"] in the comment section of the userpic by copying and replacing the [ ] with < >.

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